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Merchants Beware

Sample Chargeback Has Been reported as a Charge Back Risk!
Accepting their credit card is not advised

If you are Sample Chargeback be advised that your credit card may be refused in the future.
To ensure that your credit card continues to be accepted contact the merchant below and have your listing removed.

Sample Chargeback
12 Willow Lane, San Diego, CA 92049

A "charge back" is the refusal by a credit card holder to pay for a product or service after it has been ordered.

Reported Charge Back information
Date Reported: Jan 4, 2011
Amount of Chargeback: 49.45
Name on Credit Card: Sample Chargeback
Type of Credit Card: visa
Last 4 digits of the credit card used: 4456
Home Phone Number: 750-324-7865
Alternate Phone Number: 750-212-6783
eMail Address: sample.chargeback@chargebackrisk.com
Second Email Address: sample.chargeback@comcast.net
Website Address: www.samplechargebackbusiness.com
Merchant Comments:
Sample Chargeback purchased product/service ABC from us. We did the work as promised and then he initiated a charge back after the service had been provided. Watch out! This guy will charge back on you too.
Reporting Merchant Information
Reporting Merchant: ABC Company
Address: 2233 First Ave
Houston, Texas 72087
Website: www.abccompany.com

For more information or to have this listing removed contact:
Mike Johnson Mike.Johnson@abccompany.com Phone: 214-455-6743
Sue Chambers sue.chambers@abccompany.com Phone: 214-455-6743
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